When I planned my proposal, I thought I had everything figured out. It did not work out as expected, and I ended up settling for a proposal I was never happy with. I decided I wanted to make up for it and knew I needed help. I contacted Rebecca and Surprise Me Events took care of the rest. She put together a spectacular picnic arrangement on a beach which made for a beautiful proposal setting. She even helped guide me through the process of surprising my wife. The proposal re-do was perfect and my wife was blown away.
— Adam S (Surpriser) - July 26 2015
Everything was perfect. The timeline was bang on. [Rebecca] listened to what our interests were and catered the evening perfectly. With such a short timeframe [she] exceeded my expectations. Thank you very much. It was the perfect date night, one we will never forget.
— Mike Rampf (Surpriser), May 8 2015
My girlfriend and I had been dating for about three and a half years when we first started throwing around the idea of getting married. At Christmas we worked together to pick out a ring that we both liked and before we knew it, we were soon-to-be engaged.

This made the actual proposal especially difficult, as my girlfriend had always hinted that if I ever were to pop the question it would have to be a surprise or I would risk living out the rest of my life a lonely man.

How do you organize a surprise proposal for a woman who already knows the question is coming? You hire Rebecca from Surprise Me Events.

To be candid, I originally had thought the idea of hiring someone to help plan the surprise was cheating... that it wouldn’t really be my plan, or that my input would be ignored. This couldn’t have been further from the truth.

I had a few ideas of how I wanted to pop the question, but Rebecca helped me narrow down the list, put a plan in action, and threw in a few suggestions that made the whole thing unforgettable. She arranged for a perfect setting (the signature suite of the Opus Hotel), with an amazing dinner, and spent the majority of her afternoon on the day of the proposal decorating the room in a way that was both beautiful and personal to us.

Simply put, I would not have had the time to do this without Rebecca. The entire process remained collaborative which allowed the proposal to be specifically designed in a way that would be meaningful to both me and my girlfriend, and allowed me to feel like I still owned it... that it wasn’t outsourced.

With her help, I managed to surprise my girlfriend - now fiancee - even though she already knew the question was coming. Rebecca’s creativity is undeniable, and I would recommend to anyone who is planning a proposal to hire her. For all of the guys out there who think that you need to do this 100% on your own, you’re missing out on creating a moment that is absolutely guaranteed to blow your will-be fiancee away.
— Kyle Foot (Proposal Planning & Repeat Customer), January 30 2015
For those who think that a proposal should be entirely in the hands of the man, they are seriously missing out on an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. My fiancee recently worked with Rebecca to plan an unforgettable proposal that he physically could not have pulled off by himself. Rebecca collaborated with Kyle, listened to his suggestions and offered ideas of how to execute the perfect surprise that I would never forget.

I was under the impression that I would be working with Rebecca on a Friday night to film a surprise birthday party at a hotel. Rebecca met me in the lobby and took me up to the room, where I opened the door to find it completely decorated with a rose petal pathway, pictures of my fiancee and I dating over the years, with him waiting in the other room waiting to pop the question (granted it did take me about 10 seconds to realize what was happening).

Without the two of them working together the entire proposal would not have gone down the way it did, and I am EXTREMELY glad that Kyle saw the value in working with Rebecca. From the element of surprise to the decorations in the room, the entire proposal was pulled off seamlessly.
— Jamie Munro (Surprisee & Repeat Customer), January 30 2015
I hired Rebecca to plan a surprise date night for my boyfriend and I, and we were not disappointed! Since she knew we both love food, she presented the idea of turning our dining room into a restaurant for the evening. This was ideal since it was both original and intimate. While I managed to get my boyfriend out of the house for part one of the date (ice skating at Robson Square), she came in and completely transformed the place. Not only was it a restaurant, but it was modelled after our favourite spot in Toronto (even the font on the menu was the same)! The minute he walked in he was completely surprised, even though he had been trying to guess all week what we were going to do.

Rebecca was excellent with not only her knowledge of perfect date ideas, but also the execution of everything. The night was pulled off flawlessly, and I physically could not have done it without her. Hands down it was one of the best dates both my boyfriend and I have ever been on, and I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to hire Rebecca again when the occasion arises.
— Jamie Munro (Surpriser), December 6 2014
I asked Surprise Me Events to help me organize a date for my wife and I to celebrate our third anniversary. I had work commitments through the week of our actual anniversary, so I knew it would be a surprise to my wife to come a few days early.

Under the guise of helping to move some furniture, my wife and I arrived at Granville Island. Upon ascending the grassy knoll at Ron Basford Park we discovered a beautiful picnic painstakingly set up for us on the grass. There was even a sign stuck into the ground wishing my wife and I a happy third anniversary.

We had a lovely cheeseplate to start followed by delicious sandwiches and sides, San Pellegrino to drink, and chocolates for dessert.

Obviously my wife was blown away by the perfection of the picnic, so when I revealed that there was a second part to the date she initially did not believe me. She was very excited to learn that we would then be treated to a cruise around false creek in our own aquabus. Rebecca from Surprise Me events had included cookies and a bottle of sparkling apple juice (on ice) for us (my wife was five months pregnant at the time). There was even a “Happy Anniversary” sign draped across the bow. We had the perfect length cruise from Burrard Bridge to Science World and back on the perfect evening.

On our way home, my wife agreed it was an incredible anniversary. I broached the issue about how she felt about someone else setting things up rather than me doing it myself. My wife is a practical person, and she realized that there was simply no way one person could create the same effect on their own. That moment of discovering the picnic all laid out for us was something she will never forget. There is no way I could have carried out that surprise without the help of Surprise Me.
— D.T (Surpriser), September 10 2014
Surprise Me Events is such a great and fun concept for treating someone special! We were lucky enough to win a prize from Rebecca and I have to say she truly delivered. She really invested time in planning the night and finding out what [my girlfriend] and I were really into. From the tasty restaurants to the perfectly decorated hotel room, everything was carefully planned out and very well executed. In today’s world, finding time to figure out something amazing for a special night is hard. I would most definitely recommend Surprise Me Events to anyone.
— Richard Elliot (Surpriser), November 10 2014
I could not have wished for a more perfect, personable, and heartwarming experience for my birthday. Everything appeared and flowed so effortlessly, I really had no idea what was to be unfolded throughout the evening! I was surprised with numerous gourmet treats, flowers, a decorated hotel suite, and personal messages, drinks, and cake throughout our food tour. I’ll never forget the evening I had, I am so grateful to have enjoyed it without having to worry about all of the small details. Sometimes getting older doesn’t have to be a bad thing!
— Arielle (Surprisee), November 10 2014
surprise me events surprise birthday suite
I recently surprised my boyfriend with a date night with the help of Surprise Me Events. The date was incredible and Rebecca made the whole process stress free. While we were out at a private dueling lesson at Academie Duello, Rebecca prepared our apartment for a romantic dinner on the balcony. We arrived home to our own private “diner en blanc” experience! My boyfriend was completely surprised, and I didn’t have to plan, book, pick up, set up, or hide anything! I highly recommend Surprise Me for dates or events of all kinds. I know I will definitely be calling Rebecca again!
— Danielle Rondeau (Surpriser), September 4 2014
surprise me events surprise activity duelling
Surprise Me Events is fantastic! Our night started with my girlfriend taking me to Academie Duello, something I had always been interested in doing. After a really fun two hours we walked home where I was completely surprised to find a full dinner laid out on our balcony with candles, music, wine and even dessert. I would highly recommend Surprise Me Events for any occasion that you want to make special.
— David Moriarty (Surprisee), September 4 2014
surprise me events dinner at home

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