Date Nights


Creating the perfect date for your partner can be difficult. Work, family, friends, and other time commitments can make it next to impossible to plan and execute the perfect day. Even if you find the time, the "wow" idea might escape you. Sometimes, dinner and a movie just isn't enough.

With our date planning service, you can finally be in two places at once! We will ensure that your loved one will receive the customized and unique experience that you're dreaming of, with you to thank. And with our help, you won't even have to miss work to do it! We can turn any occasion into a special occasion. Don't let date night go stale!

Let us amaze your partner with the perfect date

We offer planning services for any and all occasions for two including:

  • Date Nights for that Special Lady
  • Date Nights for that Special Guy
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • First Dates
  • Pregnancy Reveals

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Surprise Us!


Do you love being surprised just as much as your partner, friend or family member? Planning a traditional date or day out means one of you is in on the secret... and that's not nearly as much fun! Why not treat each other to a mutually unexpected experience?

With our Surprise Us! service, we ensure that both of you get to experience the excitement of discovery. And even better, you get to do it together! We plan and execute your unique and amazing experience down the last detail. All you have to do is show up, have fun, and prepare to be surprised!

Let us surprise both of you!

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Friends and Family


Surprise is not exclusive to the realm of romance! Is your sibling or parent celebrating a birthday? Is your child graduating from high school or university? Is your best friend getting married? Show your loved one how much you care with our "special day" planning services. If you're not interested in a big party but still want to have some fun, let Surprise Me! make your day one you'll never forget!


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