A romantic holiday-themed date night in idea

For the last several years, this is how our Christmas tree got decorated: I put the tree up, my boyfriend (Dan) adds the lights, and then I decorate. After his chore of putting on the lights Dan usually takes up his spot on the couch and begins his night of video gaming. This odd arrangement worked well for us. He didn't want to hear me saying "Don't put that there", and I didn't want him putting "that there" (win-win). I'm very particular about my tree. Our tree... This year, I let go of a little of the tree-control and we ended up having a lovely date night in.

I'd been wanting to decorate the tree for awhile. I usually put it up the day after Halloween (I think I may have mentioned how much I love Christmas?) but for some reason November 1st just got away from us. It wasn't until November 8, a whole week later, that we got under the bed to pull the tree box out.... and found no tree.

We were both surprised (in a bad way) since neither of us remembered throwing the tree out. Apparently, two years ago, when we were last home for Christmas, we made a somewhat hasty decision to get rid of our old tree (it was most definitely me who made the hasty decision). So Dan rushed out to the store 15 minutes before close and brought home a new tree (and saved Christmas).

We assembled our new tree and got to work. Having let go of some of the tree-control, Dan and I decorated in harmony. Knowing how much I love our ornaments (most are souvenirs of our travels) and the decorating process, he lovingly offered to decorate the back... and I lovingly accepted his offer...


That of course wasn't the whole date night in. We don't love holiday music, so we threw in Nightmare Before Christmas, a classic hybrid Halloween/Christmas movie, and let it play in the background. And of course were distracted by it's awesomeness. To top it off, I made hot chocolate and popcorn and we sipped and munched as the sweet notes of "This is Halloween" rang through the air. Our evening turned into a fun, date-night-in-worthy way to kickstart the holidays.

So if you're planning to decorate your tree this weekend and it feels like a chore, consider bringing some fun and romance to it. Make dinner or get some take out, pop in a movie you've seen a hundred times (or Christmas music and maybe a real or Shaw TV fire), make your favourite holiday drink (hot chocolate with Baileys or rum and eggnog) and spend a few hours with your partner lovingly "discussing" what decorations go where. It is so much more fun than "fitting" the decorating into your schedule and then trying to figure out where you're going to go Saturday night.

Do you have any other awesome ideas for a holiday themed date-night-in? Do you have a tree decorating ritual with your partner or family? Tell me all about it in the comments section below! And if you liked this article, please share it. And as always, you can connect with me over social media on Facebook, Twitter, and  Instagram.