Congratulations to the newly engaged couple Kyle & Jamie!

Last week was very special for Surprise Me Events! We helped to create a magical night for 2 fantastic people, Jamie and Kyle. At the end of December Kyle hired me to help him pull off his dream proposal for his dream woman (that would be Jamie). Not only did he help to finish Surprise Me's first calendar year in business with a bang, he also gave me the opportunity to plan Surprise Me's first engagement! And it was an experience I will never forget.

Right from the first meeting I knew Kyle would be an awesome client. He was super excited about the surprise and wanted to be involved in the planning. It's very important to me that the surpriser gets as much input as he/she wants. Unexpected events, especially proposals and date nights, mean so much more when they come from the heart!

Although it didn't take us long to devise a plan (read below), there was one major issue: Jamie had helped pick out the ring! Which was good for future marital bliss, but not good for a surprise proposal. And she wanted it to be a surprise. So the plan had to be flawless, with no reason to make Jamie suspect anything. Which is partly why Kyle came to me! (Apparently not a good liar... also good for future marital bliss...also not good for surprise proposal). The deception was tricky, and definitely in danger of getting out of control. It's kind of a long story so I promise I will tell you all about it in a subsequent post! (click here!)

surprise me events proposal planning 1
surprise me events proposal planning 2

Back to the plan. Kyle would rent a hotel suite and I would decorate it (and shop, and coordinate, and make many lists). Pretty simple really! I suggested Kyle look at the Opus Hotel, which has amazing and unique rooms. He immediately decided on one of their Signature Suites, complete with fireplace, city view, jacuzzi tub... you get the idea. It was a beautiful backdrop for the occasion.

The decorations consisted of balloons, photographs, glowing orbs and rose petals... lots and lots of rose petals. I set up the balloons in an aisle. Hanging on the ribbons were photographs from Jamie & Kyle's relationship in a timeline. When Jamie walked down the aisle she started at the beginning of their relationship and finished at the present. At the end of the timeline, around the corner, was Kyle, standing next to a balloon that said "Future".

surprise me events proposal planning timeline 1
surprise me events proposal timeline 2
surprise me events engagement planning 1
surprise me events engagement ring

The balloon timeline was the centerpiece. Of course there was food (a gourmet picnic courtesy of the Dirty Apron Delicatessen... by the fire of course), beautiful flowers from V&J Plantshop... and a lot more rose petals! In total, decorating the suite took just over 3 hours.

surprise me events engagement planning 2
surprise me events proposal planning 3

I saved the best for last (as I usually do)! When Jamie walked in, not expecting a thing, it took her a full 10 seconds to realize what was happening. And then she didn't stop screaming, laughing and jumping up and down! She asked me to stay and take video of the event, which was such an amazing experience for me. I loved every minute of it: from working with Kyle to design his vision (and then executing it), to seeing Jamie's reaction when she realized what was going on, and everything in between.

It was such an honour to work with Kyle and to be part of their special day. Some of you might remember that last year Jamie hired me to plan a surprise anniversary date for Kyle. So Kyle was (sort of) a repeat customer. Which was the best testimonial I could hope for (don't get me wrong... I will also be posting an actual testimonial...). Thank you so much to both Kyle and Jamie, and I wish them a lifetime full of happiness!

If you loved this proposal, or have a proposal story of your own, I'd love to hear from you! Comment below, and please share this post if you enjoyed it! I will be back next week with a few exciting new blog posts, including a guest post from The Sip Advisor, an awesome Vancouver-based blogger (trust me, it will be delicious), as well as the third installment of my Proposal Series, so stay tuned! And as always, you can connect with me over social media on Facebook, Twitter, and  Instagram.

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