Making Romance Cool with Steel & Oak

Welcome to the 3rd instalment of our new video series, Making Romance Cool! This time I had the absolute pleasure of meeting and interviewing Jorden Foss, one of the owner's of the new micro brewery Steel & Oak. The taproom is located at 1319 Third Avenue in New Westminster.

Normally I don't cart my video/camera equipment so far out of my home territory (it can be rather annoying to carry), but I am glad I did. Jorden is super friendly and laid back... kind of makes sense right? He fits right in with the idea I have of owners of craft breweries... except for the romance part. Turns out he's a pretty romantic guy. Damn my preconceived notions!

Steel & Oak's taproom is a very cool place. Jorden talks about it some in the video so I won't spoil it...except I will because here are some photos:

That's Jordan standing proudly behind his bar in the last picture (I'm sure you guessed that already...right?). Check out our interview below! The only thing I cut out was the untimely interruption by the mailman... I'll have to do a blooper reel for these at some point!


I love Jorden's story! Even at 23 (the age at which he proposed) and on a tight budget he was able to make his proposal special, by re-enacting his first date. It's a great way to bring sentimentality and nostalgia into the engagement, and maybe even start a new tradition!

If you do decide to head down to the taproom at Steel & Oak this weekend they have brewery tours every Saturday. Could be a great way to start off that date! Otherwise, I might see you there on Sunday afternoon. I'm planning a return visit for a radler and Cards Against Humanity. Did I mention that they have lemonade on tap?...and Cards Against Humanity?

If you loved Jorden's story too, or have one of your own to share, please comment on and share this video. A huge thanks to Jorden from Steel & Oak for participating in the Making Romance Cool movement (can I call it that yet?)... and for just being so darn nice! Don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter if you want to be informed when our next #RomanceIsCool video is posted! Thanks for watching and, as always, you can connect with me over social media on Facebook, Twitter, and  Instagram.