A date-night-in your relationship and taste buds will appreciate

I hate to admit it, but sometimes I draw a blank when I'm trying to plan a date. Especially when it's like this outside (ie: it's pouring rain, the sky is one uniform shade of grey, and I lack the essentials of winter-living in Vancouver, AKA an umbrella). If you have ever sat staring out at what I'm staring out at, then you know that feeling. The season for picnics, long walks...anywhere really, hiking, paddle boarding, and kayaking, is decidedly over for all but the most enthusiastic of people. The season for movies and restaurants is in...and sometimes that's just not what you're looking for.

There's only so many restaurants you can go to before you either start repeating (which I hate doing), or spending too much money (which I also hate doing!). Sometimes the best thing you can do is stay in and do something fun and together at home. One of my favourite things to do with my guy is to cook. And if it's a special evening, we usually pick something a bit more time consuming and delicious. I know that sounds a bit humdrum, but it's great for a few reasons.

It's an activity with a shared goal (like most dates). Therefore you get to feel a sense of shared accomplishment when you're enjoying the product of your labours. And if it's really bad (like when we made our chilli so spicy it was inedible) then you have a laugh and a story about why you ordered pizza at 10pm on your date night.

Cooking together is also great for teamwork! It requires communication, coordination, patience, and creativity. These are all good things to have in your relationship! Note: creativity might be an issue if you live with an engineer like I do... just make sure you have a base recipe to work off of :).

Cooking together can also resolve the age old problem of clean up. Since you both cooked you both have to clean. No more doing dishes out of frustration because your partner forgot. You can even make it a condition that the dishes have to be clean before you get dessert.

I think cooking together is an awesome activity that can often get overlooked when searching for something romantic and fun to do as a couple. It's especially great now, when the weather is unappetizing (see what I did there?). Do you have any other suggestions for great and under-used activities? Please leave a comment and share my post using the links below!

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