A customized experience for our lucky date night winners!

A few weeks ago, Rich and Arielle won a custom Surprise Me date night! I couldn't have been happier with the lucky winners. They're a lovely, fun couple, and I was super excited to work with them. Their prize was well timed too, because Arielle's birthday was on the horizon. So over the last several weeks, Rich and I have been planning and scheming to make Arielle's birthday one she'll never forget. Last night we put our plans into action!

After finding out that the couple were foodies, I started thinking of all of the delicious things they could do. I ran into a bit of a snag with organized activities... Monday is a slow night apparently. So I set about designing a customized activity for them - a private, self-directed foodie walking tour of downtown Vancouver. Thankfully the rain held off, though I made sure Rich had an umbrella just in case!

I booked 3 awesome bar/restaurants for them and (according to their post-date report), the establishments more than lived up to my expectations! (A list of their stops is at the end of the post).

While they were out, I spent part of the afternoon in their hotel room, busily transforming it for the final surprise. 


Continuing the Foodie Tour theme, I prepared a mini-desserts tray with a variety of tasty treats from great places around the city.

DSC_9469 (1).jpg
DSC_9466 (1).jpg

I had a ton of fun helping Rich give Arielle an unforgettable birthday surprise. A heartfelt thank you to my lucky winners, and to the excellent establishments that made up their Foodie Tour of Vancouver!


Are you looking to surprise your loved one on his or her special day? Or just because? Call or email me to find out how I can help you make it an unforgettable experience!

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List of establishments that Rich and Arielle visited or enjoyed desserts from:

Tuc Craft Kitchen - 60 West Cordova Street
Chambar - 568 Beatty Street
George Lounge - 1137 Hamilton Street
Bel Cafe - 801 West Georgia St
Giovane Cafe - 1038 Canada Place
Tarts Bakery - 1509 West Broadway