An unexpected winter date with Jamie & Kyle

This past weekend was an amazing one for Surprise Me Events! A few weeks ago I was hired by a lovely lady (named Jamie) to surprise her boyfriend Kyle for their anniversary. So Jamie and I spent weeks plotting the perfect unexpected celebration.

They're an active couple who like to get out and do, which can be a bit difficult to accommodate in the winter (I know this personally as my anniversary is in February). So we started thinking about all of the things one can do in winter. We hit on ice skating and hot chocolate on top of Grouse Mountain. Romantic right? The only problem... December in Vancouver can be pretty unpredictable. So we crossed our fingers and hoped for clear skies. (And I came up with a back-up plan.) A gourmet post-skating dinner was planned at their gorgeous apartment overlooking the water. 

After weeks of planning, a gloomy Saturday dawned. Jamie and I checked in constantly with each other, debating about the weather. Unfortunately, it didn't cooperate as we had hoped it would. But luckily... back-up plan (lesson learned from this event: back-up plans are crucial)! Robson Square skating rink had opened the week before and is covered. The location may not be as romantic as Grouse, but there are some definite perks. Hot chocolate at Thierry instead of the snack booth, and Christmas light viewing at Robson Square and the surrounding area.


After Jamie and Kyle left on Part 1 of their date, I snuck into their apartment (legally and with a key) and went to work. In terms of decor, they are a "less is more" kind of couple. So in keeping with the gourmet dinner theme, I decorated their apartment like a restaurant and added a few signs reminiscent of their favourite Italian place in Toronto. As a bonus, their beautiful wooden dining table added a rustic Italian countryside feel to the decor. I had to leave that baby uncovered!

Jamie was such an amazing client to work with. She was so excited to surprise Kyle and by doing so show him how much she loves him. Every email she sent me ended with some form of "I'm getting so excited!". It was basically like working with myself! I loved working with her to surprise and Kyle, because she completely understands what Surprise Me is all about. As a special treat for me and my lovely readers/viewers out there, Jamie took some video of her date. I will update the website with it as soon as it's ready. I'm so excited to see it and share it with all of you!

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