A simple and unique surprise your partner will love!

So last week I shamelessly teased all of my readers by referring to this blog post but not actually writing it! (I really did intend to, but then I got distracted). I spoke briefly about a super-fun surprise I did for my boyfriend before Christmas, then told you all I would write about it this week. Well here it is!

It may not come as a shock to many of you, but I love scavenger hunts! One year my brother bought me a present but was too lazy to wrap it. That happened a lot actually. But this particular year he told me that he had "wrapped it in the house". As in, I had to go searching for it. While that gift was not difficult to find (he had simply left it in his coat pocket where he put it after buying it that morning) I have since taken the idea of wrapping something in the house to an extreme. Why wrap something in paper and put it right in front of someone, when you can give them clues and watch them search, ponder, search again etc and really make them work for it? (Ok I do love wrapping, so I'll sometimes do both). But the thrill of discovery is so much greater when you actually discover something.

So with this in mind I decided to make a 12 Days of Christmas scavenger hunt for my boyfriend. It was fairly elaborate. Every day when he came home from work there was a note taped to the front door. In it was a letter written by the item for the day (generally craft beer but I put a few sweet treats in there to mix it up) begging him to find them and "save" them. Each item had it's own personality, usually taken from one of the item's characteristics. For example, an Innis & Gunn beer was a Scottish guy. 

Underneath the note from the "kidnapped" item (I did actually buy these items from the store FYI), was another note written from the Kidnapper Extraordinaire (or KE for short). Each subsequent day KE would get more and more upset that her "treasures" were being found.


My boyfriend loved it and was very impressed with my work (which was of course a bonus!). But if you think my 12 Days of Christmas surprises contradict the "simple" part of the title, then you're right, it was a lot of work! I will give you some tips to make it easier!

Prepare ahead of time

The first 6 days were easy because I wrote the letters in one sitting and I pre-bought the items. Once these ran out I was trying to keep up with it one day at a time, which was difficult, especially on the weekends when he was around. So most importantly, if you're going to try this out, make sure you do everything in advance! Then you're just popping your clue into an envelope and hiding the item every day. You can also pre-hide the items, if you think they won't be found. When you live in a tiny apartment like we do, it might not be that easy!

Simplify the story

If the whole kidnapper/victim routine is too time consuming for you, ditch it. The scavenger hunt will still be fun if you just give clues. You don't have to dust off your creative writing skills. A simple clue will cut way down on the work involved. Then it's just thinking about neat places you can hide the items. Try not to make the clues too easy though. You still want to make them think about it!

Cut it down

If 12 days is a bit too much, just do it once. It's a fun thing that your partner will remember, and a creative way to give a gift. Your partner will notice the time and thought you put into the method of giving, as well as appreciate the gift itself. You might even start a tradition of creative gift giving!

Although I did this for the 12 days of Christmas, you can use this idea anytime. Next time you buy a gift for your partner, take your cue from my brother and wrap it in the house!

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