A last-minute Surprise Me Events date night!

This is pretty cool... just weeks after our blog post about how to plan a date in 2 hours Surprise Me Events was hired by an awesome guy to do just that! Ok ok... It wasn't exactly 2 hours. It was for the next day. But when you're hired to plan a blow-me-out-of-the-water date, one day might as well be 2 hours!

So this is what happened... I met Mike at 7:00am on Thursday morning (the early bird really does catch the worm!). When he found out that Surprise Me plans date nights, he immediately asked how much notice I needed. I asked for some more details and he told me that his fiancee, Natashia, inputs "Date Night" into his calendar. By the way ladies... this is genius! I am implementing this ASAP. Anyways, she had casually placed such a schedule change into his calendar for that Friday, and he was a bit tight for time. Kismet!

I spent the day planning, sending emails, calling, researching... remember the tips I gave in the last minute date night blog? Well I had to use them all! Mike told me that he and Natashia love games, food, and she loves balloons. So this is what we hit on:

balloon delivery

I delivered balloons and chocolates to Natashia's workplace early Friday afternoon. I reserved 3 restaurants for them on their date: Lift for sunset (beautiful patio), Shirakawa Gastown for some Japanese fusion and cocktails, and Ludica Pizzeria for... you guessed it! board games (over 600 of them to be precise). But there were a few little touches, because it's the little things that make a date special right?

I dropped off bunches of tulips, Natashia's favourite flower, at each restaurant. On each bunch was a card with her name on it, and on the back was an anagram for her to decode. I also handmade reserved signs for each table. The staff at the 3 restaurants were fantastic and made sure these offerings were set up for the couple's arrival.

handmade reserved signs - date night

Mike and Natashia loved their date, and I had a blast working frantically to make it perfect. I was so glad I could help Mike surprise his lovely fiancee, as well as have a chance to live up to my previous blog post!

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