5 simple ways to surprise your husband or boyfriend

A few weeks ago I posted an article called “5 simple ways to surprise your wife or girlfriend.” You can check it out here. This article is a follow-up, for all of the gals (and guys) who have a husband or boyfriend and want to do something to show they care! Though the subject of the surprise is different, the key principle is the same: it’s the thought that counts! Note that many of the suggestions in the previous article will work for men too!

Surprise doesn’t have to be elaborate and expensive to mean something. Check out these 5 simple ways to surprise your husband or boyfriend, and give one or two of them a shot!

1. Game Day

If your guy is into sports, take a few hours and watch a game with him. I know that this suggestion won’t go over well with many of you (myself included!) but it is no different than your guy watching a chick flick for you. You don’t need to buy tickets and watch the game live (though that’s a great surprise too!). Buy or make some gourmet game day snacks and watch the game while snuggling on your couch. Especially great for winter and hockey season!

2. Game Night

If your guy is anything like mine, video games are a source of unending entertainment. Instead of complaining about his preoccupation, think of it as an excellent opportunity for cuddling! Pick up a multi-player game and grab a controller. And if he’s not into video games, maybe a board game night is in order. Check out the nearest game store and see if they have any suggestions for a two-person game. Don’t forget the snacks!

3. Breakfast

Making breakfast in bed is not exclusively a man’s job. Everyone likes waking up to a homemade and unexpected breakfast! It doesn’t have to be gourmet. An omelet and orange juice, or even just a fresh coffee and scone will do the trick. Even better if your guy usually wakes up earlier than you do!

4. Drinks

Do something a bit special for dinner tonight by picking up a craft brew or bottle of wine on the way home. Vancouver is becoming a beer lover’s heaven and there are microbreweries popping up all over town. The Liberty Distillery is a new distillery on Granville Island for craft spirits, and you can always check out a cold beer and wine store like Legacy Liquor Store in False Creek for inspiration and expert guidance. Try something new or go with an old favourite!

5. Flowers

I know that I said no flowers in the companion article “5 simple ways to surprise your wife or girlfriend”. But that was for women! Giving flowers to a man is not a cliché. Send a bouquet to his work and shock him in front of his co-workers or have one waiting for him when he gets home. He definitely will not expect it!

Thanks for reading and I hope one of these ideas has inspired you to do something simple and surprising for your guy! Please leave a comment below if you have any other awesome ideas, or if you want to share a store about a great easy way you surprised your husband or boyfriend. And as always, you can connect with me over social media on Facebook, Twitter, and  Instagram.